The Butler Said It


When Trump heard what his butler said, he probably did say something in his next few words that began with an “F” that rhymed with truck or trucking.

There are times when the blog entries I do write themselves. Today is no exception, as has often been the case in the 2016 election cycle.

The longtime butler for Donald Trump, Anthony Senecal, said on Thursday (and I’m not making this up) that President Obama should be murdered and that he hates black people.

If it hasn’t sunk in what I had said in that previous sentence, look at it again.

Donald Trump’s disavowing of his longtime butler shortly after he made that statement was a no-brainer. Anyone over five years of age or with an IQ over 100 would of done the same thing.

My question: if this guy was allowed to be on Trump’s payroll all of that time, did Mister Trump know of his hideously racist opinions? If so, why was he allowed to be on the payroll all of that time?

Other than that, the statement speaks for itself, as ridiculous as it is.


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