Re-Enter The Dragon

Over the past year and change, I have had access to Dragon dictation software. I really haven’t used it all that much, but this week I reopened it and have started dictating my blog entries as opposed to typing them out.

Typing just feels natural to me, although it will take me longer to type out blog entries that it will to dictate them, or so I think. I’m coming up on a period of three months where I will not only be doing these blog entries daily (Lord willing), but doing blog entries over at my sister site, the Big Brother Diaries. If I’m going to be doing two blog entries a day, it would save time to dictate them as opposed to typing them out.

I will still type some blog entries over the weekends, but to share a little inside baseball with you, I do most blog entries during the weekdays. For example, the blog entry I am dictating now I did on May 13, which was Friday. Now, there will be occasions when a piece of breaking news will preempt my plans, in which case I just hang on to the blog entry in question and save it for another day. It also gives me leeway if a change of plans happens during the day.

I really don’t remember why I never got into dictating my blog entries when I first purchased the software. I tend to think that the switch over to Windows 10 had something to do with it, but my memory is a little bit fuzzy on that.

Ah, now I remember. The one weakness my computer has presently (and has had for a while) is that the headphone and microphone jacks don’t work so well. A few months ago, I got an adapter so that those jacks go into a USB port, and that cleared the matter up, which also makes Dragon tremendously easier to use.

Hopefully, when Windows has its successor to Windows 10 already to go, the process of switching over to be so intrusive.

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