Aircheck: WFLA, 4/15/1989

It’s aircheck time once again, and once again I’m featuring “The Magnificent” Bob Lassiter, holding court at the Renaissance Festival in Largo in 1989. It was held where the Largo Library stands currently, and where the football stadium for Largo High School once stood many decades ago, known as locals of the area as “Sand Spur Stadium” because of what the grass there contained.

(I hate sand spurs with a passion, but that’s another blog entry.)

This Saturday airing of Lassiter’s show had an infamous incident. A heckler came up to Lassiter’s microphone and screamed into it, leading to the talk show host slugging the fan on the air. The incident appears to occur in the last 20-30 seconds of the nearly hour and a half clip, if you want to skip to it.

The audio is not all that great in spots, with Lassiter being piped into the Tampa studios from the remote location in Largo possibly having something to do with it, or it could be just the way it was recorded.


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