Telephonic Phonies


I’ve been trying something new with my little personal war against all the telemarketers who called me up during the course of the week. Living in Florida, I must confess to you that I too was once a telemarketer, with jobs of that ilk still proliferating here in the Tampa Bay area. It’s not impossible that one day I could be a telemarketer again, but I hope not.

The normal concept dealing with these people is to avoid the calls like they are Bubonic plague. Last week, I thought about this, and figured that this avoidance course doesn’t really change anything. Perhaps instead of blocking all of these people with my IPhone as I do when they call my cell, I should unblock them, and take things as they come?

Someone called looking for Mr. Paul. Paul is my first, but not my last name. I suggested trying that senator from Kentucky who works up in Washington, D.C.

Then someone called looking for Mr. Bloom, or that’s the way they choose to pronounce my last name. Fortunately, my last name has one O, not two, so it’s not pronounced as it is had it had two O’s. Hey, how do I know they weren’t looking for a Bloom?

I told that fella, “Sorry pal, I don’t know any Bloom.”

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of calls from “Rachel” at a place called Cardholder Services. These scammers are a never-ending tug-of-war, and telling these people to place your number on the Do Not Call List only seems to buoy them. They’ll stop calling you from one number only to start calling you from another number, and keep changing their numbers frequently so that you never really get rid of them. Recently the voices I hear on the other end of the phone have changed. These used to be American voices, now they seem to be emanating from Pakistan or from India.

I once asked them, “Who owns Cardholder Services?” They hung up on me quicker than you can say Visa and MasterCard. Apparently if you don’t cooperate, they hang up on you without any kind of negotiations.

I have gone back to the tactic of trying to keep these people on the line as long as humanly possible. They offer to put me on a Do Not Call List, but I tell them that I don’t want that, because the DNC list only works for one number at a time as I previously mentioned, making the offer irrelevant.

You can’t fight a war with these people by avoiding such a war. You have to get in there and roll with the punches!


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