None Of The Above

As I have been noting for some time now, who to vote for in the Presidential election in six months is turning out to be quite the dilemna, especially if the perceived match-up between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton takes place.

I can’t vote for Trump, because he says too many crazy things just to get headlines. I don’t believe for a moment he will actually “build that wall” despite a portion of the American people wanting it, for example.

I can’t vote for Hillary, because that puts Bill Clinton, a president who was impeached but not convicted (possibly by political motivations on both ends, that I’m well aware of) back into the White House as the first gentleman. Regardless of what’s true or not about the Clintons, I can’t reward a former impeached President.

So, I’m seriously giving thought the idea of voting no one for President. It’s not an original idea, as it came from a Richard Pryor movie back in the day called Brewster’s Millions where Pryor plays a minor league baseball pitcher who inherits $30,000,000. He has to spend it all without gaining anything to show for it to win a $300,000,000 inheritance from a distant relative. One of his ideas is to run for mayor of New York, or better put, NOT running for mayor by running for mayor.

Maybe that’s what we need to do, just vote nobody for President. I know it’s somewhat ridiculous, because somebody will be President, and my not voting gives other voters a slightly higher percentage of the total vote. But I think it would be a great protest and a way for the voters to show we need better choices.


  1. I am a Hillary Clinton supporter…but if this is the best a country of great wealth of resources and intelligence can do then its pretty bad. Politics has taken hold in its worse form perhaps.


    1. Still hoping for a Bernie miracle, but this election at the primary phrase seemed to be about the favorites hanging on to power any way they could. They each played not to lose as opposed to playing to win…


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