Gums Blazing

I had a tingling sensation in my mouth most of the last week which got noticeably worse on Friday. I was having some kind of either tooth or gum problem, and my ignorance of it allowed it to get to the point where it was waking me up whenever I attempted sleep.

I made the trek to Walmart at around 4am Friday morning, no doubt looking like a mad man as I scavenged up Gatorade, Ibuprofen pills, extra strength Listerine mouthwash, and Campho Phenique, just in case my diagnosis wasn’t correct. But somehow, the Campho Phenique got lost in the transition, because it wasn’t there when I opened up my bag when I got home. It probably stayed on the asphalt parking lot as I headed back. Crumb!

By later on the morning, it felt like I had smuggled a very small egg in the left side of the mouth, and nothing I tried was working. I was trying to avoid going to the doctor for it if at all possible, mainly because in the early 2000’s I had a similar problem on the right side of my mouth and was able to solve it, and if I can solve it then, certainly I can solve it now. On this Friday before Memorial Day, I couldn’t just remember what it was I did years ago.

How do I get the swelling down before I start looking like the Elephant Man? Pouring through Google, I found the answer.

When I did, I thought to myself, “You put ICE on the swelling, dummy!”

Doing that once in a few hours finally got the swelling down and the pain level WAY down, and I was able to sleep well into Saturday morning after being awake for all but 2 hours and a couple of catnaps over a 36 hour period. I watched my Rays lose to the Yankees 4-1 on Friday night, but fell asleep several times during the game. something baseball rarely does to me.

Saturday was a vast improvement, the swelling is still there a bit, but is reducing every time I apply an ice pack to it. The pain level is barely there now. Can’t believe I couldn’t remember to do that all of the time I was hurting.


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