I caught the whole debacle on the news that took place over the weekend up in Cincinnati, and it’s a tragedy no matter how you slice it.

A four year-old boy was visiting the Cincinnati Zoo with his mother when the boy somehow fell into the caged area where a gorilla named Harambe was sitting. Fearing that the boy would be harmed by the primate, zoo officials shot and killed the 17 year old gorilla.

Later video released from the scene suggested that the boy was in no immediate harm, and that Harambe was protecting him and holding his hand.

As for me, I probably feel differently about the situation now (being a cat owner for nearly a year and a half) than I would have felt otherwise. To me, this is a situation with NO good answers, just a bunch of bad ones, especially once the trigger was pulled to kill the animal. While the gorilla was on good behavior with the boy at the time, it’s a situation that could have gotten bad very quickly, quick enough to where the boy could have been immediately harmed.

I’d like to think, however, that there could have been a better way to handle such a situation than to destroy one of God’s more intelligent animals. Quite a shame, and hopefully an incident we as the human race learns from, as we collectively need to be better shepherds to the beings we live among.



  1. This is sad… I also wonder if they could have used a sedative (they sometimes use guns with sleeping-medicine instead of bullets to catch wild/dangerous animals) instead of immediately killing the animal?


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