Rays On The Wane


A few years ago in Houston, Rays analyst Brian Anderson sported a unique facial expression, with Dewayne Staats looking a bit amused on the left.

How things have changed in Raysland. Going into Sunday’s game, the Tampa Bay MLB franchise is 24-30, and only Minnesota (who the Rays are currently in a series against) has fewer wins in the American League at the present time.

On Thursday, even Brian “B.A.” Anderson, the analyst on the Rays TV crew, blasted what he’s calling a lack of leadership on the squad. I’m glad someone on TV is seeing what I’ve been seeing the past couple of weeks, and at the couple of games I’ve been to this season. The Rays look rudderless, seemingly going through the motions of a season still very young.

In my opinion, B.A. should be commended by taking the stand he’s taking, which isn’t easy because of the hand-in-hand relationship he has with Fox Sports Sun and the Rays. It needed to be said, and I just hope his statements don’t land him into any trouble job-wise. He’s good at what he does, and I’m sure if the Rays brass give him any guff, another MLB team or network would make sure any unemployment would be brief.

I want to go see some more Rays games this year, but I also want to see the Rays making an effort to be competitive. Just not seeing that right now.


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