Hillary, History, And Presumption


This past Monday night, Hillary Clinton was declared the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, despite the fact that there were several primaries the following evening. It seemed to be a psychological tactic to discourage Bernie Sanders supporters, but that just may be my perception.

It is easy to say that Clinton has been treated with kid gloves by the media all throughout the Democratic primary campaign, and that the fix may have been in from the start. While that may be true or not (more likely true, to my judgment), it doesn’t change the fact that her nomination hinges on the strength of Superdelegates, who will not likely stage a coup that puts Sanders in as the nominee.

My thinking hasn’t changed, though. I will likely vote for neither of them in the fall. I wanted to vote for somebody, not vote against somebody in a strategic move to keep one person out of the Presidency. Hillary has credibility issues, and Trump certainly has the same. It’s like choosing between hanging and having your throat slit.

I continue to be amazed that no one wants to seriously run as a third party candidate this year. (Some have desired to run, but nothing serious yet.) If any election cycle screams for such a candidate, it is this one.


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