Name Games And Game Games

Things are changing here in the Tampa Bay area in 2016, and one notable change has been how the phone and cable companies have changed names, and are playing games with their customers.

Verizon’s landline phone and Internet companies were bought out by Frontier Communications, who quickly got to work reminding people how very few alternatives exist out there with their lousy customer service.

Right after Tropical Storm Colin passed through this past week, I began having Internet trouble, which was spotty on Tuesday and stayed that way thru Thursday. I sense that they will approach me about switching from a DSL line to their faster services (which would only cost a few bucks more), but I guess they haven’t figured out the best way to retain customers is to provide a service that actually works.

Bright House Networks was also recently bought out by Charter Communications. Seeing how shoddy Frontier’s DSL service was getting, I checked out how much their Internet service (and only that service) cost. The cheapest price I saw was a price over $10 higher than what Frontier is offering for an upgrade from DSL service.

So, if I go to Charter, I pay way more, and if I stay with Frontier, who knows how good the service will or won’t be. Call me a crackpot, but I wonder if there’s collusion between these two new companies to drive prices up.


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