In All Of Us Command


Can I let you in on a secret?

I don’t want you all to think I am not proud of my home country of the United States, but I love the Canadian national anthem, O Canada. I guess it comes from watching a lot of cable TV as it was starting out, and getting to see a lot of baseball, hockey and CFL football. If you watch a game out of Montreal, you’re likely to hear part of O Canada in French, interspersed with English.

I was recently surprised to hear that the country is in the middle of a major push to change the fourth line in the lyrics in order to make them gender neutral. Instead of “in all thy sons command,” it would change to “in all of us command.”

All of these years I’ve heard that anthem, I never stopped and thought about why “sons” are mentioned, and how “daughters” are not included. Our national anthem doesn’t have that problem, as it’s all about perilous fights, broad stripes, bright stars, and the red glare of rockets.

Heck of an idea, Canada. I’m all for it.


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