Aircheck: WIOD in Miami, 10/3/1995

With O.J. Simpson and the “Made In America” documentary part of the national argument once more, I thought I’d look back at one of the landmark moments of the saga.

It’s the day of the O.J. Simpson verdict, October 3, 1995. Neil Rogers, much like talk show hosts across the country this day, can’t stop talking about the verdict that airs in the last hour of the show.

Neil gets very creative with the computerized “drops” (short sound bites) that’s frequently a part of his shtick during the verdict, an acquittal for Simpson on all counts. Usually doing a light, comedic type of talk show which usually spouts that “topics are a bunch of crap,” Rogers shows that when he needs to change gears and get a bit serious, he’s not out of his element at all.


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