Because I Had Time


It has become a ritual of mine in June to watch the new season of Orange Is The New Black when it’s released on Netflix. This year marked the fourth season, and without giving away any spoilers, the way the season ended assures us there will be at least one more season.

It’s not a show for everybody, as it’s definitely R-rated with what I call “contextual nudity” (as opposed to gratuitous nudity you see on some Showtime and Cinemax movies) and lesbian scenes with varying degrees of comedy and clothing. But, it’s a damn good show with great casting.

There’s a mix of veteran actresses (Kate Mulgrew, Lori Petty) with artists getting a shot at the limelight they probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise (Lea DeLaria, Michael J. Harney). Oh, and Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon aren’t too bad to look at, either.

Now what will they do with that fifth season, I wonder?


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