Anarchy In The UK

I was waiting for the Big Brother feeds to start up Thursday night when the news broke. As the result of the “Brexit” referendum vote, the United Kingdom is separating from the European Union. David Cameron, the current UK prime minister, will step down in the fall and make way for a new “PM” to take his place.

To make matters worse, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland all voted to stay in the EU in the referendum, but the votes to leave in England made the difference. As a result of this, we may also see Scotland break away from the United Kingdom. I would also think it is possible that Northern Ireland could also want to break away.

Who knows, maybe the Irelands, Northern and the Irish Republic, will unite one day as a result of this. That would be outstanding!

The vote is also seen as a sign that Donald Trump could become President, but I don’t see how rational people could ever vote for him.

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