Championship…Burger Eating?!?

I thought you all would get a kick out of this.

This aired on what was then WTCG in Atlanta, Channel 17, which became WTBS in 1979. Don’t know the exact year this aired or on what show it aired on, but hearing “Gonna Fly Now” in the open, I would guess it was pretty close to 1976, maybe 1977.

This contest took place at the Techwood Drive studios in Atlanta where the wrestling matches for the old NWA Georgia circuit were held. Gordon Solie, who I’ve mentioned in a few of these blog entries (as he’s a big part of my local history and my TV childhood) called the action, with announcer Freddie Miller handling the introductions. I have no idea which burger outlet handled the supply of hamburgers, because Gordon mentions McDonald’s and Burger King’s mottos from the time in his closing.

I also have no idea if the competitive eaters are supposed to be local media personalities in Atlanta, or contest finalists, or what. It’s a good little “slice” of television, though.



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