Scab Wound


A scene from the sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives that began on June 22, 2016. John Lewis (D-GA) led the protest, he’s on the near left.

I didn’t get a chance to talk about the sit-in at the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill last week.

Now that we’re two weeks removed from the shootings in Orlando that killed 49, I feel it’s a scab wound that has been ripped open on the skin of the country. Democrats has since made calls for tighter gun control, while Republicans have done likewise except they’re calling for tighter immigration laws, even though it’s a very small portion of “Radical Islam” that believes in what ISIS wants.

The differing opinions as to what the root causes are, and how each side of the aisle can’t seem to see what the other side is seeing, insures political gridlock will continue on. Probably even past the elections when whoever the new President is takes office.

If you tighten the gun laws, those who wish to harm us will simply use other things, like bombs, knives, maybe even planes. And, even if you tighten immigration laws and “build that wall” as Trump often says, what about domestic terrorism? Militias?

Watching Congress trying to get a handle on this is like watching a dog chase its own tail.


One Comment

  1. I am in favor of tightening up access to guns. There are too many available these days. I also think we need to work on the underlying cause of violence too that is poverty, racism, homophobia and the like. There is also too much selfishness in the world too.


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