Aircheck: WYOU, 6/1/1969

I’ve been looking back at some Florida radio history every other Sunday recently, and this week, it’s an aircheck from WYOU radio, 1550 on the AM dial from Sunday, June 1st, 1969. Now a days, 1550 is WAMA, a Spanish language sports talk radio station.

There’s an ad in this aircheck for the Joyland country night club in St. Petersburg, which presently is part of the city of Pinellas Park, and isn’t too far from where I live off of US 19.

The country music sounds totally different from what it sounds like these days, and the station even has a gospel hymn playing every hour, as many country artists of the era would often perform gospel songs, the most famous of which may have been Johnny Cash.

Worth a listen.

Flashback: “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” by Santa Esmeralda

Another one of those songs that was a classic before the “Kill Bill” movie series gave it some added life. It was originally done by The Animals before it got the disco-ish treatment in 1977. Santa Esmeralda also covered another Animals classic, “House Of The Rising Sun” and gave that a similar pattern in length, with one version of that song clocking in at over 15 minutes long.

Enjoy, and talk to you some more tomorrow.

Bodies Of Law

One of my Facebook friends, someone I’ve known since my high school days, posted a Mother Jones article. In it, it speaks about how the state of Georgia just ruled in favor of a Publix employee who was filming video of a female customer up her skirt.

(Full disclosure: my Dad was a Publix employee in the Tampa Bay area, back when it was only a supermarket in Florida. Now, there are Publix grocery stores in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.)

I was amazed that nearly 25 years since the Clarence Thomas hearings, and how Anita Hill felt sexually harassed by Thomas, this still goes on.

Men do get their jollies taking this kind of photography and video, but I never understood the lure of that kind of voyeurism. But for Georgia not to have a law that protects women from that sort of thing, I don’t get that at all. That part of the body, it would seem to me, would be the most private of female body parts.

Apparently, if you live in DC, Texas, Massachusetts, and Oregon, that behavior is okay there, too.

It should never be okay. Not every woman wants to be exhibited like that.

You Get A Kick, And You Get A Kick…

This took place in 2010, and it’s the kind of ending only a CFL game can produce.

Montreal’s Alouettes and Toronto’s Argonauts  were tied 30-30, with Montreal in field goal range for a possible win. Under CFL rules, the goal posts are not on the end lines, as they are in American football, but on the goal lines. (The NFL had the goalposts on goal lines as well, but moved them back in 1974.) Also, the equivalent of a touchback (most cases) in American football is a rouge in Canadian ball, worth 1 point to the kicking team. That means that if Toronto failed to get the ball out of their end zone, Montreal would get a “single” and win the game that way.

Here’s where it gets interesting: a missed field goal can also be kicked (or punted) out of the end zone by the team initially receiving the ball. The team that gets the ball (the inital kicking team) can also to attempt to kick the ball back.

That’s what happened in this game: Montreal missed the field goal, Toronto punted it back, Montreal punted it back AGAIN, then Toronto punted again, but failed to get it out of their own end zone, all of that in one play. Montreal pounced on the ball in the end zone, winning 36-30.

A totally unique finish to a football game that you can get north of the border.


Fading Light

My eyesight is dwindling.

If I cover my left eye, I’m fine, but if cover my right eye, my vision is drastically reduced to where text is very unreadable, even from short distances. Even with eyes wide open, anything on a white screen gives me problems, occasionally to the point where I need the “Magnify” Windows program to see clearly if something is in tiny print.

I’m 90% sure it is just getting older and the inheritance of heredity, but the glare of the computer screen is affecting my eyes. I’ve made print larger, I use a Chrome app called “Deluminate” that dims the screen a bit. I occasionally use Firefox and the “Owl” app for it.

My mother wears glasses to read, and my father wore driving glasses in the latter part of his life. My vision was always good, though. If I was driving on the highways, I could always read the green signs on the road well in advance when I was younger.

Like I said, I think it’s just advancing age. Going to get my sight checked, well, that’s on the to-do list of my life now.

Harry’s Gift


For those of you new to my blog, I have a pet cat named Harry. I babysat for him going back to 2010, and then when my landlord’s wife couldn’t take care of him anymore at the end of 2014, they asked me to. I declined at first, but when I was told that once in the care of the ASPCA they’d likely put him down (why kill a six year old cat?), I took care of him full-time starting in January of 2015.

When I’m at home, he’s always around me. We always get along well, but on Saturday, there was a sign that I’ve won his love.

He meowed at me constantly this one muggy July morning. Usually, if he should vomit and I’m not aware of it, he gets my attention by going to wherever I am. If I’m napping, he’ll jump on the bed and head butt my forearm with his forehead. But this time, inside of vomit, he brought me a present in the form of either a comatose or dead lizard.

I thanked Harry for the present as if it were the winning ticket of the Florida Lottery, quickly picked up the immobile lizard (I was 99% sure it was dead, though I saw no marks of mutilation or being squashed), and placed it gently on the front porch near some bushes.

Yep, we’re getting along just fine.


Mike Pence, Indiana governor, who may be getting an occupational upgrade in a few months.

I’m trying hard not to talk about politics lately, but it was hard to avoid the train wreck that was the RNC convention in Cleveland this past week. Next week, the Democrats have their say in Philadelphia.

Donald Trump picked Indiana “Guv” Mike Pence as his vice-presidential pick, which seems odd on the surface for someone advertising himself as a progressive Conservative. In point of fact, I don’t think Trump is all that progressive, so a non-progressive in Pence makes a lot more sense.

The rumors around who Hillary Clinton will be choosing (as of press time) revolve around Timothy Kaine, who may be a little farther to the left than Hillary is. The more progressive wing of the Democratic party will no doubt cry foul that Elizabeth Warren wasn’t chosen, but Hillary isn’t a true progressive. She only acts like she is.

(Last night, word broke that Kaine is indeed the pick, which will be revealed today.)

The networks love to show you national poll numbers, when in fact the national numbers don’t mean diddly. The November election is not one election, but a series of 50 elections held on the same day. It comes down to the states, and I’ve said in the past that my theory is there’s only three states that really matter to gauge how the election will fare: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Whoever wins two out of three (or three out of three) usually takes the election.

If I remember correctly, Nixon took Ohio and Florida in 1960, but lost. I think that’s the last election that’s happened.

Politic yourselves away, and wake me on election day.

Flashback: “Cantaloop” by US3

This week, I did a random pick from my big ITunes playlist for this week’s flashback, and I was pleased with the results: US3 and their cover of “Cantaloupe Island” by Herbie Hancock with a slightly different name and concept.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Pokemon, Go Away

I was too old to get into the whole Pokemon craze back in the 1990’s, and I’m certainly too old to get into this “Pokemon Go” craze that has now invaded a mobile phone near you.

I’ve been seeing in the news that these people are so busy playing this damn game on basically a GPS map that they are finding dead bodies, falling off of cliffs, running into Police cars, and whatnot.

It all reminds me of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called “The Game” where Riker brings a game you play on a visor that’s psychologically addictive. What they didn’t know is that playing the game and the addiction it brought made the crew of the Enterprise pawns for an alien force. Riker shows off the game to others, they tell their friends about it, and so on. Soon the whole crew is addicted, except Wesley Crusher and friend Robin Lefler, played by a young Ashley Judd.

I’m not saying I don’t like my own games, and I think we all have our favorites. I’m just saying they should be consumed in moderation.

That Plagiarism Thing

Melania Trump, wife to the Donald..

I was seeing my mother off on her way to Europe early yesterday morning, and saw my Tweet Deck abuzz over Melania Trump’s plagiarizing of Michelle Obama.

For the record, this is most certainly not the first time a politician (or, in Melania’s case, a speaker at a political convention) in recent memory has done this. Vice President Joe Biden got caught mimicking a speech in 1987, which ruined his Presidential aspirations for a couple of decades. Rand Paul has done it. Hell, President Obama got caught lifting part of Deval Patrick’s speech in 2008.

In the latter part of my senior year of high school at Largo High, I had to do a term paper in English class. (I chose college athletics as a theme, because even back then I saw how corrupt the NCAA could be.) My English teacher (who was no slouch, she wrote articles for the St. Petersburg Times on occasion) sat us down before we began our work and told us all about plagiarism. What it was, why it was bad, and how she was going to be on the lookout for it from all of us. If caught, the consequences would be severe, maybe even the difference in terms of whether or not we graduated on time or not.

It’s a big time fumble for the Trump camp, yes. But the Democrats can’t cry foul too hardly. As bad as it is, I merely think it’s a bump in a much bigger road of deciding who are new President will be.

I Am Not Your Guru

What do you all think of Anthony Robbins?

I met Anthony working at Sun Radio Network one day in the summer of 1992. (If you saw one of his infomercials in the 1990’s, I’m in a window at one brief point in it looking at him and talk show host Charles Adler.) The first thing that struck me about him is he’s very tall. I’m about six feet one, and I had to look up to greet him, and that’s rare for someone of my height.

There’s a documentary out about one of his mass coaching sessions on Netflix these days. According to, it’s #3 on their charts as of yesterday. I sat down to watch it last night, and found the whole experience very eye-opening, if not very well choreographed.

The one thing that I noticed right away is how Robbins uses expletives in these conversations in his sessions, a much rawer language from what I remember and reading his books a couple of decades ago. That being said, I liked his explanation of why he uses them, as an aid to help break down barriers.

The documentary is a good watch, though I found some of the moments in it to be emotionally intense in a good way.