Real Life


Do you ever get an exciting feeling when you look at the new movies on Netflix and see a movie you’ve always wanted to see? I got that feeling on Friday when I saw the Albert Brooks film, Real Life. I never got to see who that movie ended, and now I have.

This more foretold the reality TV boom of the 21st century, and was basically a spoof of the 1973 PBS series, An American Family, (shot in the last seven months of 1971) which many consider the first reality show ever on American TV, if not worldwide.

I don’t want to give the entire plot away for the movie, but Brooks plays himself, albeit a progressively greedier version of himself who comically interferes in the making of his documentary of a family out of Phoenix, Arizona. It’s not a real family of course, with Charles Grodin playing veterinarian Dr. Warren Yeager in the lead role.

Now I have to find and watch An American Family



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