A Sport I Just Don’t Get


Joey Chestnut, competitive eater.

With another 4th of July coming and going, they had the big hot dog eating contest at Coney Island, with Joey Chestnut winning by eating 70 hot dogs inside of buns in just 10 minutes. Or, 1 hot dog every 8.5 seconds.

I must admit that when Takeru Kobayashi from Japan was breaking records a decade ago, the sport briefly intrigued me. It briefly got more and more attention on ESPN and other cable networks, then was quickly reduced back to what it is: a cult sport, and using the term “sport” loosely at that. Kobayashi has since been continuously banned by the IFOCE, then Major League Eating, the governing body that has taken over the sport’s major events, due to contract disputes. Thus, they’ve made a hero out of Chestnut and his dog and bun eating prowess, and eliminated his main rival by not signing him, which is like banishing the New England Patriots from the NFL.

But, if we make a sport out of eating, a bodily function, where do you draw the line? Drinking? Beer Drinking? Urinating? Defecating? Who wants to be known as the World Champion of peeing?

Yikes, I probably gave someone out there a few ideas…


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