Leaky Feet In Las Vegas


Whoever drew this up, thank you.

Here in Florida, it doesn’t usually get as hot as it does in some other parts of the country. Last week (the week July 4th fell on) it wasn’t record heat we were getting, just no rain to cool things off. This week, we seem to be back into the summertime pattern of getting east to west moving thunderstorms in the evenings.

When one of my friends was going on about how hot it was, I was reminded about being in Las Vegas in June of 1996 at the end of spring and the beginning of summer. One day when I was there, the thermometer got to 108 with very low humidity. As I’ve probably said before, it feel like being underneath a giant blow dryer.

Walking around in Las Vegas with even the best footwear can be problematic. If the air temperature is 108, that would mean the sidewalk could be considerably warmer. I would walk the Strip on occasion when I was out there, but by the time I got back home I’d be in discomfort. Even with good shoes and good socks, walking in that intense heat blisters your feet and toes, so I had to make sure to rest and stay off of them when I got home.

If it’s hot out, take it easy. Your mind, body, and most importantly your feet…will thank you.


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