Aircheck: WRBQ, 1/21/1983

Aircheck time once again. This time, it’s another look at Q-105, but this time we’re going back a little further to January 21, 1983. Mason Dixon, Cat Sommers, and Tramonte Watts are the DJ’s on this Friday evening.

The Q-105 “Tookie Bird” was being heavily promoted that evening, probably to keep the listeners engaged on a busy night for many Tampa Bay residents before the weekend. If my childhood memories are correct, when the Tookie Bird sounder went off, (“Awk awk, eek eek, tookie tookie!”), whoever was the 3rd caller (or whatever caller was designated as the prize winning call) won some money. Usually it was $100, but there were occasions when the station would give away $1,000 or even $10,000 with their promotions.

Promotions like this you don’t see too often these days, mainly because interest in radio has declined in the last few decades. Radio stations have to make money through commercial advertising before they can give money away like that.


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