A Time Of Sorrows

Yesterday was another sad day, and yes, there have been too many of these lately.

There was a shooting in Baton Rouge early Sunday that killed three police officers. This is very significant because it was the murder of Alton Sterling in that city that led to the killing of the five Dallas policemen a week and a half ago. Now, in the city where Mr. Sterling was murdered, someone has exacted revenge.

Maybe it is the social media frenzied culture we live in that someone gets urged to do something, though it is clearly the wrong thing. People seem too eager to seek solutions, and don’t think about the long term ramifications of their deeds.

The murder is no hero. He is simply a murderer.


One Comment

  1. I am wondering how many police have to die before there is some meaningful gun control discussion going to take place. This can’t go on and there will have to be some dialogue. When the police are targeted this changes the conversation I think.


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