Mike Pence, Indiana governor, who may be getting an occupational upgrade in a few months.

I’m trying hard not to talk about politics lately, but it was hard to avoid the train wreck that was the RNC convention in Cleveland this past week. Next week, the Democrats have their say in Philadelphia.

Donald Trump picked Indiana “Guv” Mike Pence as his vice-presidential pick, which seems odd on the surface for someone advertising himself as a progressive Conservative. In point of fact, I don’t think Trump is all that progressive, so a non-progressive in Pence makes a lot more sense.

The rumors around who Hillary Clinton will be choosing (as of press time) revolve around Timothy Kaine, who may be a little farther to the left than Hillary is. The more progressive wing of the Democratic party will no doubt cry foul that Elizabeth Warren wasn’t chosen, but Hillary isn’t a true progressive. She only acts like she is.

(Last night, word broke that Kaine is indeed the pick, which will be revealed today.)

The networks love to show you national poll numbers, when in fact the national numbers don’t mean diddly. The November election is not one election, but a series of 50 elections held on the same day. It comes down to the states, and I’ve said in the past that my theory is there’s only three states that really matter to gauge how the election will fare: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Whoever wins two out of three (or three out of three) usually takes the election.

If I remember correctly, Nixon took Ohio and Florida in 1960, but lost. I think that’s the last election that’s happened.

Politic yourselves away, and wake me on election day.


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