Fading Light

My eyesight is dwindling.

If I cover my left eye, I’m fine, but if cover my right eye, my vision is drastically reduced to where text is very unreadable, even from short distances. Even with eyes wide open, anything on a white screen gives me problems, occasionally to the point where I need the “Magnify” Windows program to see clearly if something is in tiny print.

I’m 90% sure it is just getting older and the inheritance of heredity, but the glare of the computer screen is affecting my eyes. I’ve made print larger, I use a Chrome app called “Deluminate” that dims the screen a bit. I occasionally use Firefox and the “Owl” app for it.

My mother wears glasses to read, and my father wore driving glasses in the latter part of his life. My vision was always good, though. If I was driving on the highways, I could always read the green signs on the road well in advance when I was younger.

Like I said, I think it’s just advancing age. Going to get my sight checked, well, that’s on the to-do list of my life now.


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