Bodies Of Law

One of my Facebook friends, someone I’ve known since my high school days, posted a Mother Jones article. In it, it speaks about how the state of Georgia just ruled in favor of a Publix employee who was filming video of a female customer up her skirt.

(Full disclosure: my Dad was a Publix employee in the Tampa Bay area, back when it was only a supermarket in Florida. Now, there are Publix grocery stores in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.)

I was amazed that nearly 25 years since the Clarence Thomas hearings, and how Anita Hill felt sexually harassed by Thomas, this still goes on.

Men do get their jollies taking this kind of photography and video, but I never understood the lure of that kind of voyeurism. But for Georgia not to have a law that protects women from that sort of thing, I don’t get that at all. That part of the body, it would seem to me, would be the most private of female body parts.

Apparently, if you live in DC, Texas, Massachusetts, and Oregon, that behavior is okay there, too.

It should never be okay. Not every woman wants to be exhibited like that.


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