Blame It On Rio

The latest Summer Olympics are almost here, as Rio de Janeiro and Brazil host their first ever Games. Once the torch is lit, I wonder if my enthusiasm will be there.

I’ve been reading a lot about how the Fort Copacabana venue for the long distance swimming events, as well as Guanabara Bay, are infested with all kinds of toxic substances. Garbage, raw sewage, dead bodies, what have you. That  doesn’t include concerns about the Zika virus, which has already made its way to Florida, with the possibility of the virus being transmitted sexually.

It’s extremely disappointing to me that the International Olympic Committee would allow this to go on. Do they not care that there could be long-term consequences from all of this, including death if someone has a poor immune system? Yes, I admit that swimmers are more often than not healthy and have good immune systems, but why take chances with one’s life?

I know that winning a Gold Medal at an Olympics is a lifelong dream, but I doubt it is worth the risk of losing one’s life under toxic conditions. Shame on the IOC!


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