A Pauper Among Draft Kings


Sometimes in life you tend to drift back into old habits, and after playing a bit of Daily Fantasy Sports last fall and swearing off of it, I’ve fallen off the wagon to play some DraftKings. Mainly I play baseball, but I play a little PGA and NASCAR on the side.

One thing I have observed: picking winners in baseball is a LOT tougher than the NFL, NASCAR, and other sports. That’s because there’s a high degree of variance in baseball. Today’s hitter who hits three home tuns is tomorrow’s hitter who goes 0 for 4.

I don’t play with money I can’t afford to lose, and my daily bankroll limit of 25% of my total bankroll keeps me in action every day. For me right now, it’s about learning a lot more than making some spare change.

I was concerned last year about the DFS sites (FanDuel is another one of note) getting shut down. But I think if it was going to happen here in Florida, it would have by now. The leagues and teams do a lot of hand-in-hand advertising with these teams, and even I couldn’t help but notice all the DraftKings logos and colors my two trips to Tropicana Field this season.

It’s good mental exercise, and I treat it like that. It’s not an obsession of mine.


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