Mickey D’s


I don’t go to McDonald’s all that much. Mainly because of the Morgan Spurlock film Supersize Me,  a movie that’s now over a decade old having been released in 2004. In the film Morgan eats nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days, which results in weight gain (obviously) and limited effects on his health.

Since it was nearly lunchtime, I went and got a Double Quarter Pounder, and the fries and shake that go with the value meal. I sat down at a bench, ate my food, noticing the youngsters running around the tables with no parents to supervise them. It didn’t bother me, though I did wonder where their parents were. Everyone else there seemed to be old, handicapped, or parents and grandparents along with their kids.

While I ate, the phone rang. Sure enough, it was just another telemarketer they claimed to be from Consumer Services from some unknown firm they weren’t about to tell you. After pressing 1 (because they wasted my time, I thought I should return the favor), they asked whether or not I wanted to lower my interest rates. I said no. They immediately hung up. The good part of all of that is I have an iPhone, which allows me to block further calls from such a number, so their rudeness didn’t concern me. I probably have more blocks on the IPhone than this place has numbers, so it’s just a cat and mouse game, really.

Other than that. The meal went without incident. It was just another McDonald’s meal that tasted like almost every other meal at McDonald’s I’ve ever had in my life. I did my grocery shopping at the adjoining Walmart, and went home in time to beat the gathering dark clouds.


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