Pursuit Of The Undecided

Thursday night, I got a call from somebody in Tarpon Springs, Florida, asking me a series of automated questions as to who I will vote for for president in November.

It turns out that if you say you’re undecided, you become some kind of target. Over the last three days, I’ve gotten several calls in the late afternoon and early evening asking me political questions. I refused to participate in any of them, because what part of undecided do these people not understand? It’s like you have to ask permission not to be bothered because you’re undecided.

Your vote is your vote. I don’t care if you’re a Donald Trump supporter, or Hillary Clinton supporter. If you don’t want to tell somebody your vote, that should be your right. If you are undecided, that is also your right. Telling upholster that you are undecided should not proceed you with similar calls asking the same question that you are undecided about.

One outfit out of Pennsylvania with the number 610-901-0002 called me Monday morning. I told them I wasn’t interested.

Four hours later, they called me AGAIN.

It’s dumb.

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