Pauly’s DFS Tips


I’ve been on a hot streak as of late picking DFS baseball teams on DraftKings. Thought I’d share my strategies. Why? It’ll make me better in the long run finding new ways to beat the field.

I use Rotowire’s MLB Optimizer to find the best lineup, usually re-consulting it about an hour before the first games. I use these when I play 50/50 games, where half the field places and makes money and the other half does not. Actually, on DraftKings, if a game has 25 winners, they’ll let some odd number play in the game like 53. Don’t know why they do that, but they do.

If you play free-roll tournaments, or tournaments where there’s a high first place prize, your picks are going to have to be ones the rest of the field doesn’t pick. Plus, you have to hope these rare picks have outstanding games. I use a “Big Pitchers, Big Boppers” theory here, where I look for hot pitchers and two or three hot hitters. Then for the rest of the lineup, I pick the players with the best value, again according to Rotowire.

Remember, there’s a lot more variance in baseball, where a team plays a minimum of 163 games, than there is in a 16 game NFL season. Even the best baseball drafters are going to have bad days.

Hope this helps you out.


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