Aircheck: WLCY, 11/30/1979

Today is my “once every two weeks” look at airchecks, with an accent on Florida radio stations through the years.

This time around, it’s a look at 1380 AM on the radio dial, which was WLCY in 1979, and by this point had spent 40 years on the air, beginning as radio station WTSP in 1939 and was at one point owned by the St. Petersburg Times, which recently became the Tampa Bay Time.

Two years from this point, the hits stop playing, and the call letters changed to WNSI and format went to all-news. That format didn’t last long, as it would change again to an AM stereo simulcast of top-40 giant WRBQ, Q-105 in late 1982. The format has changed a couple of times since the simulcast ended in 1999 (with Q-105 a country station by then), with 1380 being the home for Radio Disney from 1999 to 2014.

It’s currently WWMI, one of two business talk stations in the market.


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