You Can’t Say That On A Blog!

Some of you may have noticed one of my blog entries from a few weeks ago went missing. It’s been suggested by family that a recent post about my neighborhood and an issue revolving around it might not be a good thing to say publicly.

I have had a standing rule in the nearly five years I’ve been doing this blog, and it’s really simple. If someone doesn’t like anything I say and says so to my ears and/or my face, I don’t have to say it. It was over a matter where “telegraphing” my opinion has, in hindsight, not appeared to have been the best of ideas.

I’m not here to make enemies, even though when I posted the blog entry, I couldn’t have envisioned that it would ruffle feathers.

Apologies to any and all who have been offended, but I played a card that should have kept in my hands.

I’ll return you to regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow..


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