Hillary’s Health

The more I’ve been reading about health concerns over Hillary Clinton, the more the mystery around her campaign makes sense to me. I’m not saying is the most moral and ethical thing to do, just saying it makes sense that it’s being kept a secret, or secretive.

I know the conspiracy theory websites are going full blast, saying Hillary has Parkinson’s Disease, the same disease that boxing great Muhammad Ali had most of his post-boxing life. I don’t know if that’s true. But, when someone on TV such as Dr. Drew Pinsky begins saying such things, it’s hard not to notice, or even ignore.

I do think the health and fitness of a candidate is fair game, though I think Clinton could defeat Donald Trump the way things stand now in her deathbed. I just wonder what good would it do to be the first woman to be President if it kills her. That’s what we, as voters, have to think about these next couple of months.


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