I’m seeing this more and more where I live, where the main roads that I use are 25 mile per hour roads. Someone was behind me the other day using up every square inch of the space behind me, thinking the 25 mph is a speed minimum, not a speed limit.

I made a hand gesture at this truck behind me, and no, not the one you think. It had just started raining this late Saturday morning, and I was attempting to tell Mr. or Mrs. Lead Foot that, with a slick road, it would be prudent to increase between my back bumper and his/her front bumper.

The distance between bumpers only reduced, from about a foot and a half to less than a foot. It was immediately evident my attempt at communication was going to go unheeded.

So I pulled over. Why be a jackass when Lead Foot was doing a better job at that then I could? Sometimes in life, you just have to punt.


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