Rain, Rain, And More Rain


It’s been a long day here.

I first heard it raining a little before 5:00 am yesterday, right before a wave of thunderstorms came in. When the thunder stopped, the rain wouldn’t. The roads here in Pinellas County, which can take a good deal of rain and have great drainage, quickly got flooded, and some had to be closed.

And the storm was still about 400 miles south and west of me.

My cat Harry was particularly antsy and chatty, as I guess even he sensed things have changed weather wise. I usually put him in the back of the house in an indoor patio area, complete with water, food, and his litterbox. Even from my bedroom, I could hear him meowing when the early morning storm came through, so I let him in earlier then I usually do, which usually is sometime after 7:00 am.

I was off to Walmart around 11:00am to get supplies, giving up hope the rain was going to end anytime soon. When stocking the house, I slipped on a puddle in the garage I didn’t see until the last moment, and my right knee took the worst of the fall. It barked at me all day, probably a little swollen, but that’s it. It’s not hurting me when I walk, I just walked on it as little as possible the rest of the day, just to be safe. This morning, the pain was gone.

At 2:00pm, TD 9 was no more, and Tropical Storm Hermine was finally born. Most of the local schools in the area will be closed for at least today.

I watched the Bucs-Redskins game last night. Talk about deja vu: the Bucs played Washington in that year’s last preseason game for each team on August 30, 1985 (Washington won that night 20-7), which was the night Hurricane Elena took a sudden right turn towards Florida north of Tampa. Thirty one years and a day later, this final preseason game of 2016 was played a night earlier than was originally scheduled, thanks to yet another tropical system. As was the case 31 years ago, the Redskins won with 20 points, though the Bucs of 2016 fared better with 13.

As I wake up this morning, Hermine’s nearly a hurricane, but at least for now, the rain finally stopped.


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