Oh, We’re Fine…

Yep, one last piece about what’s now Tropical Storm Hermine, racing up the Atlantic Coast.

The greater Tampa Bay area was in her outer eye wall for several hours Thursday night and Friday morning. One squall line hit us around 6pm Thursday night, and for a few minutes the winds galed well over tropical storm force and the rain came down in those proverbial sheets everyone talks about. Then another squall line parked west of the Pinellas coastline, but this one moved ever so slowly eastward, going on its own merry-go-round, spiraling around the hurricane.

The areas around here that normally flood did. Shore Acres in northeast St. Petersburg, that area along Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, the beaches in Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough and Manatee counties, all thanks to a higher than normal tide and storm surge of a few additional feet. My hometown of Largo did get unusually pounded, taking in 15-19 inches of rain over a three-day period in some spots. The waters and flood will eventually recede, and Hermine will just become another reminder in our area of what could be in store if a hurricane does ever hit us.

Kudos to the local media and their coverage that frequently pre-empted and cut in to regular local programming Thursday and Friday, and rightfully so. Denis Phillips over at ABC Action News seemed to lead the way (nothing wrong with getting too “sci-ency”, don’t know why the execs are telling you otherwise), but the other stations were on their game from what I saw.

Amazingly, I didn’t lose power once. Flickered a few times, especially during that drive-time squall Thursday night. But those who asked on Facebook about whether or not I’m safe, there was never any doubt.



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