32 Tribes


A TV Guide from November 2, 1980…

Once again, it’s time for the 32 “tribes” of the National Football League to reemerge, and for the next 22 weeks, play 267 games, the last one to determine the 51st Super Bowl champion in Houston come February of 2017.

This season, we welcome Los Angeles back to the kingdom (thus removing St. Louis from it) with its prodigal tribe of Rams, housed out of their once and future legendary arena, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as they await more modern digs in the suburb of Inglewood.

Last year, Denver’s tribe of Broncos turned back the aggressive challenge of Carolina’s Panthers to take the 50th Super Bowl trophy. I see neither team returning to the big game this year, with Tampa Bay’s Buccaneers and Atlanta’s Falcons teaming up to provide a formidable challenge to the Panthers. Carolina might win their division, but they might come out of the fray too badly damaged to not become roadkill in the playoffs in the realm of the National Conference.

In the AFC, I like the Bengals of Cincinnati. In the NFC, the football might bounce Seattle’s way, two seasons removed from an unfortunate fate in the 49th Super Bowl that cost team back-to-back championships and gave New England’s Patriots it’s most recent crown. Birds and tigers in Houston, oh my!


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