9/11 Plus 15


(Programming note: I’ll do our usual Sunday “aircheck” tomorrow. Just didn’t want to pass up on doing a 9/11 commentary today.)

It’s that day on the calendar again, and it’s not my favorite of days. I’m also sure I’m not alone thinking that.

I’ve mentioned in the past where I was that day: watching it on TV from home in Largo, Florida. Nobody saw an attack like this coming. Who uses planes as weapons, and who uses these kind of weapons on large buildings? Manhattan was quickly cut off from the rest of the world, and just as quickly and extraordinarily, all commuter planes were quickly grounded to make sure any other planes couldn’t used as weapons. Two more planes crashed that day, one into the Pentagon, one in Pennsylvania on the way who knows where.

I was more than five and half years removed from working in radio. To be honest, it was the one day in my life I missed being in the business. There was so much to explain, so much to try and comprehend. How would we respond? How could we respond to a terrorist band who operates everywhere, yet nowhere?

Of course, society as we know it hasn’t been the same since. We went from having a son of a former President being POTUS, to the first man of color to become POTUS. In less than two months, we will either have the first woman and first First Lady become President, or a real estate/reality TV mogul with no political experience becomes President.

It was an event that has impacted history like perhaps no other event ever has. A day we should truly never forget.


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