Hillary’s Health, Redux

After her collapse (or whatever words the media uses to spin what happened Sunday) at the 9/11 ceremonies in New York this weekend, it is more evident there’s something seriously wrong with the health of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate.

I first mentioned this back on August 20th, when Dr. Drew Pinsky mentioned his concerns over the kind of health care Hillary has gotten. Now it has come out that Hillary has pneumonia, which is a very serious health problem if gone untreated. However, this begs the question: could Hillary have an even greater health problem, considering she also had pneumonia back in October of 2012? (Use air quotes here if you so choose.)

Not totally impossible that she could have had it then and now, but what are the odds? How possible is it that she has a greater health problem that’s being covered up?

Those are the questions to ponder as the election nears. Do we elect a candidate in seemingly less than good health, or will this be the issue that costs her the Presidency?


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