Death To The Color Rush!


When the Rams (then from St. Louis) played the Bucs last December, they looked like condiment bottles playing football.

I can’t be the only fan on the planet that hates these “Color Rush” uniforms that the Thursday Night NFL games use, can I?

(For that matter, remember when the NFL games were either Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, and Monday night? When will we get an NFL game every day of the week? It can’t be too far behind now.)

When the Bills and Jets played each other last year, they looked like human-shaped Christmas ornaments on a football field. When the Bucs and the then St. Louis Rams played (as I mentioned in the caption), they looked like human condiment bottles of mustard (the Rams) and ketchup (the Bucs).

Needless to say, I hope this is a short lived fad, because to me, this looks like a freak show. Now, if they livened up the helmet designs a bit, that would be a nice touch. But that’s just me.


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