A Tale Of Two Pauls

I’ve had the same cell phone number since September 1st, 2011. As it turns out, the guy who had my number before I did was another guy with the first name of Paul who’s an insurance agent.

So, the last five years have been spent fielding calls from people who insist I’m “Paul The Insurance Agent” and not me, “Paul, The Non-Insurance Agent.”

I block most of these people, but some don’t get the message after all these years. So, of course, they leave messages for the other guy, always using the phrase “please return my call” when the call. But, since I’m not the Paul in question, how can I?

(I’ve also noticed some of these companies get MAD at you if you dare to take the time and tell them you’re dialing the wrong number, as if it’s their birthright or something.)

One day a couple of years ago, they call me for the umpteenth time, and I pounced on it. I told them I was not the insurance agent, and that if you put my cell number into Google, you’d find him. The lady on the other end of the phone profusely thanked me.

Wouldn’t you know it? A couple of weeks ago, they called me back, looking for the insurance guy, asking to please return the call, as if I never had given them any guidance at all. You’d think people in the communication business would LISTEN, right?

I suppose the moral of the story is not to help people who don’t help you, but I refuse to think this is the better course of action.


One Comment

  1. I work in a blood bank call center and when we call donor numbers that have been disconnected or reassigned to another person it can be a challenge to keep all our records up to date. It’s awkward to call someone who isn’t the person you are trying to contact. We are in such a mobile society that people and their situation changes rapidly.


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