Whoever Speaks First Loses

I’m instituting a new rule this political season.

Remember a couple of years ago when I got all those calls from Alex Sink? I’ve decided that if I get any political calls this season, I will vote for the opposite candidate. If both sides call me, I’ll vote against whoever called me first.

It’s more of a protest against the system as opposed to a protest against any given candidate. I don’t remember giving the Pinellas County voting registrars permission to give my phone number to candidates and to pollsters. If I did, there should be a way to “opt out” of receiving these calls that is easily accessible.

The irony of the 2014 race and now is that the David Jolly people are calling me for their vote. Former Florida governor Charlie Crist (a former Republican, too) is his opponent, and will likely be the first Democrat to represent our district in decades.

Looking forward to voting him in.

One Comment

  1. I like it, first call first kill! Swaying a candidate through a phone is probably highly unlikely to work anyway, so why ring in the first place..


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