Keeping Score


On Thursday night, I was watching the Rays-Yankees game on local TV off of Fox Sports Sun. As they have done in previous years, the broadcasters used the game as a teaching tool, telling viewers how to keep score of a game. (The Rays won the game, 2-0.)

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Why should WE learn how to keep score? Don’t the people who run the game KNOW how to keep score?” Truth be told, I didn’t know how to keep score of a game, until I played the “Pursue The Pennant” board game as a high schooler.

I know, I didn’t answer my hypothetical question yet. There’s a good reason to keep score of a baseball game, or at least until the “computer age” we all live in now, there was. The advantages of keeping score is to keep an individual statistical track of the game to peruse for yourself. Sure, you can go to Retrosheet (one of my favorite sites) and look at the records of almost any game played throughout the years. But, keeping score gives you your own personal record.

Do I keep score when I go to Rays games? Nope. I like the ability to mingle and talk about the game with who I go with. But, every time I do go, someone in my area always seems to have a scoresheet, a pen or pencil, and records the accounts of the game as the outs and hits are recorded.

Next time any of you go to a baseball game, be it little league, high school, minors, or a major league game, give it a try.



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