Donald, Hillary, And… Lester?


When the numbers are finally tallied, the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton might wind up being the most watched debate of all time. Yes, I tuned in, hoping the playing ground would be fair and that the moderator, Lester Holt of NBC, would keep things fair.

I don’t like either candidate, but I’m going to have to vote for one of these two. To me, this is like picking which limb should be amputated off of my body. I expected the debate to be nasty, and on that front, the debate didn’t disappoint me.

The Clinton camp was openly pushing for Mr. Holt to fact-check Donald Trump on the fly. I would simply ask: since when should the onus to do so be solely on the moderator? Couldn’t Hillary do it? I couldn’t help but notice how Trump got all of the follow up questions, and Hillary didn’t get any. So much for that fair debate, I suppose.

Just so you all don’t think I’ve totally flipped my position on the elections, I thought the debate was pretty much a tie. Trump did well early, the middle of the debate was fairly even, then Hillary did well late.

However, I consider myself an intelligent voter. I don’t need the media’s help deciding who the new President should be, and did all undecided voters quite the disservice choosing sides. Let each candidate have their say, and let WE the voters decide with our ballots.

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