Spilling The Beans


Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and former President Bill Clinton, in happier times…I guess.

It might surprise some of you that I was annoyed to read that an anonymous source provided the New York Times with Donald Trump’s 1995 tax return. (The Drudge Report also mentioned yesterday that someone else didn’t pay taxes in 2014: The New York Times.)

I’m not a lawyer, so I would be the last to tell you whether or not what the Times did to Trump is illegal, immoral, unethical, and so on. I find it interesting that the New York Times reporter, Dean Baquet, was vehement that releasing the information would be worth going to jail for. Easy to say now, I suppose.

As I said last Wednesday, I would like to see whoever wins the Presidential election in November win on their own merits. Not because they had the media assisting them, but because the winner conveyed a vision for the United States going forward that the majority of us can vote for. I want to hear from each candidate what changes they would make, but all I hear from Hillary Clinton is that I can’t vote for Donald Trump. That’s a huge problem for her, since he is legally on the ballot.

As also mentioned last week, I think the argument can be made that the media bias is becoming more and more evident to average (maybe a better term is “awake”) Americans. The more the media does favors for Hillary, the more of a chance that their deeds will be exposed by those of us smart enough to put the pieces together. If Hillary is clearly the better candidate, why would she need such assistance? Or, as a recent Donald Trump ad had her saying, why isn’t she 50 points ahead?

I want the best candidate to win, and I want the media to butt out. Too much to ask, I guess.



  1. Trump’s successful enough to have made an enemy or two. One of them apparently sent the tax pages to the NYT anonymously. It’s not the Times’ fault, and the info is true so they can’t be sued. All they did was verify it with his accountant before publishing. If you were in the news biz and someone gave you this hot a tip for free, would you sit on it and not publish? It’s how we learned about Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress and a thousand other scandals. Lower-level players get upset and reveal embarrassing information about the big name to the press.


    1. I think it’s quite possible that Trump is just that, a lower-level player who caught lightning in a bottle. But this is also somebody who might just win and be President, against all odds, and perhaps sanity.


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