The Listening Post

With the election so close, I spend a lot of time these days listening and watching conservative talk shows that are posted on YouTube. Thanks to those of you posting “warriors” in the Internet universe who do it, as it is times like these with the election so close that you have to listen to all sides.

Bill Clinton having an illegitimate child? I heard that when I worked in radio back in the 1990’s. The only thing new is that the child is now a grown man. How much you want to bet Mr. Williams-Clinton winds up being a Trump supporter?

New York telling the Trump Foundation not to raise money in New York? Par for that course, too. Didn’t they (the state of New York) go after him on the whole “Trump University” business? In any other campaign year, that’d be a big story. In this election, with the field of bombshells out there, it’s kind of a “meh” story.

The latest Wikileaks “data dump” of Julian Assange? Could be a story. Could even be a big story. Just depends on what is in it. Trump pal Roger Stone seems to think it could be very big. We’ll see.

The election has become a sideshow. Better put, it’s more like a reality show. Miss a day, you wind up missing a lot, potentially.


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