Idiots At Sporting Events

I didn’t catch most of the American League wild card game between Baltimore and Toronto, won by the Blue Jays 5-2 in 11 innings Tuesday night, thanks to the vice-presidential debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine. The game was marred by an incident in the 7th as Orioles outfielder Hyun Soo Kim was recording an out in left field. A second or so before he made the catch, a fan in the outfield of the Rogers Centre in Toronto chose that particular moment to throw a beer can Kim’s way, hoping it would distract Kim from making the catch.

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I’d like to see the North American sports leagues (the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB the biggest leagues out there of the bunch) use the precedents that have been set in European soccer. If fans misbehave in a disruptive manner during the game, they should hold the next home game without the benefit of fans. In fact, there have been instances in the lore of World Cup soccer where fans have thrown items at players, causing games to be forfeited by the team of the offending fan.

There have been a handful of incidents on our continent that have caused forfeitures, but perhaps with this idiot in Toronto, the sports organizations could do with a bit less passivity when it comes to keeping fans in line. Just because you buy a ticket doesn’t give you the right to be some stupid, idiotic jerk.


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