Mama Celeste

I have this theory about the way Hollywood works, for actresses in particular. When you stop to think about it, the world of Hollywood doesn’t treat women all to kindly.

Let me also share with you how this theory has evolved over time: by trial and error.

When I worked in radio, I hung out at a watering hole/strip club in Clearwater (which I believe is still around) called Diamond Dolls. Every now and then, among with the professional strippers, they had adult film stars there selling videos, T-shirts, the opportunity to get a Polaroid with them, and so on. Quick marketing to make a quick buck.

I haven’t always followed the porn industry, but I haven’t always not followed it. In the 1993-1994 time frame, a brunette porn star named Celeste was a bit of a hot commodity. I thought she had a good look about her (despite what I now see as some body augmentations), so I went to get a Polaroid shot at Diamond Dolls after one of my radio shifts.

As she’s posing with me, I have my arms around her belly to hold her in place at her suggestion. She had one of the tightest bellies I’ve ever felt in my life on a lady. That left an impression on me more than anything else, that this woman was so invested in her body appearance and image that she left nothing to chance.

Some women want the fame, and will do anything for it. Most won’t. That’s the way I think Hollywood works. Some actresses do the nude scenes at a younger age (and some do it as they get older, say 40, and start losing their popularity to younger stars) to get street cred, to get that big role that doesn’t requite nudity. No one puts a gun to their heads and tells them to take their clothes off in most instances.

No, I don’t think these women are harlots. They took the calculated risks their professions afforded them. When you have to pay bills, or if you want to get ahead in that business, you have to make tough choices sometimes.


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