Can McMullin Split The Middle?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the coming elections lately, and the campaign of Evan McMullin has gotten my attention.

The reason? Evan is, as of now, in a three-way tie with Trump and Hillary in the state of Utah, which has six electoral votes. While the race now appears to be in the bag for a Clinton win, things can change and often do.

What if Trump does well in the third debate, and the race tightens up? On top of that, what if McMullin does something no Independent candidate has done since 1968 and wins Utah? And, what if McMullin’s six votes keep Trump or Clinton from getting the 270 electoral votes needed to win?

He could wind up being a “compromise choice” for those in the House and the Senate if an Electoral College stalemate takes place. Why not? It’s been a bizarre race so far, so the race getting even more weird would be par for the course.


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