Two Out Of Three Falls, Inside A Steel Cage


I watched the third and final Presidential debate in Las Vegas. In retrospect, I don’t know why it was such a good idea, since I had already voted for Donald Trump. The media, as is their apparent wont these days, wasted no time declaring Hillary Clinton a winner by a narrow margin. (Even though some of these “snap” polls question more Democrats than Republicans, but I digress.) Personally, I thought Trump look better in the final debate then he did in the first two and probably squeaked by with a narrow win.

The media is somewhat conceding that, considering their collective big headlines revolve around Trump’s relative uneasiness at conceding the election should he lose. Considering some of the information emanating from journalist James O’Keefe regarding Democratic stagecraft at Trump rallies and potential voter fraud, I’d think Trump would be stupid to concede under such a toxic environment that current conditions may represent.

What Mr. O’Keefe has been saying through his YouTube videos cannot be dismissed as partisan hackery, considering two DNC operatives have already been terminated over the findings within recent days.

The biggest problem with these elections, and pretty much society in general from where I sit, is that we glorify the problems we have, and that’s all we do! At the same time, the media (on both sides) doesn’t spend a lot of time dealing with why the problems exist and how the problems can be eliminated. The problems become buzzwords in these news cycles that go by quicker than a sneeze. ISIS! IMMIGRATION! CROOKED HILLARY! BUILD THAT WALL! TRUMP IS A GROPER!

This is not going to end well, and I think most of you can figure that out with the benefit of me telling you this. Whoever wins, there will be claims of fixing and fraud. I just hope we can all keep are collective heads once it’s all over.

Just remember, we all have to live together when this is all over with.


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